What The Heckin Dog: All You Need To Know

Uncover the origins, traits, and popular breeds that embody the essence of pure doggy joy. Join the online celebration of ‘What The Heckin Dog’ and learn how to capture your own pup’s peak cuteness.

Dogs are beloved by many as man’s best friend. From working dogs herding sheep to therapy dogs comforting those in need, dogs hold a special place in our hearts. The internet has recently given rise to a new term of endearment for our canine companions – the “What The Heckin Dog.” But what exactly is a heckin dog and where did this phrase come from?

The Origins of “Heckin”

The term “hacking” as an adjective gained popularity on the internet around 2016. It’s used as a minced oath – a milder substitute for the word “hacking.” Heckin serves as a more lighthearted and silly way to emphasize just how darn cute or good something is.

When applied to dogs, calling them a “heckin doggo” is a way to express their inherent adorableness and how much they are loved. It became a popular way for dog lovers to fawn over cute puppies online.

What Makes a Dog Heckin?

There are no strict criteria for what makes a dog “heckin.” At its core, it’s just a very enthusiastic way to show extra love for a dog. However, there are some common traits of heckin dogs:

Happy, friendly demeanor 

Heckin dogs tend to be cheerful and outgoing, with that classic, open-mouthed doggy smile. Their zest for life comes through.

Adorably chunky or small 

Heckin dogs come in all sizes, but extra chubby or especially tiny dogs tend to get the “heckin” label frequently. Their roly-poly or teacup appearance amplifies the cuteness.

Silly antics 

Dogs acting goofy and having fun are prime heckin material. Dogs spinning in circles, jumping for joy, or sticking their heads out of car windows elicit “heckin cute” comments.

Doin’ a confuse

 Dogs tilting their heads quizzically or looking befuddled are classic heckin dogs. Their curiosity and puzzlement at the world around them is endearing.

Doggo speak 

Heckin good boys and floofs are often described in cutesy internet doggo speak. “Borks,” “boops,” “zoomies,” and more emphasize their heckin adorableness.

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While any dog can be checking in their own way, some breeds tend to show up more often with the “heckin” designation:

Golden Retrievers 

This classic family dog is prized for its friendly, playful nature. Their grinning faces and fluffy fur make Goldens prime heckin material. Retrieving sticks qualifies as adorable heckin behavior.


With their squished faces, bug eyes, and spiraled tails, pugs have an inherent cuteness perfect for heckin’ status. Their snorting and snoring only amplifies the heckin levels.


As the chosen breed of Queen Elizabeth herself, corgis have an air of nobility. But their short, stubby legs and oversized ears give them a heckin’ adorable vibe. Corgis jumping for treats is peak heckin content.


This fluffy white breed almost looks like walking clouds. Their thick, cottony coats lend them an angelic, hackin’ aesthetic. Bonus heckin points if photographed frolicking in the snow.


Their long, low bodies were originally bred for hunting badgers. But today, dachshunds’ sausage-like appearance makes them prime subjects for heckin’ memes.

Heckin’ Good Dogs Online

The internet has fallen in love with sharing photos and videos of heckin’ cute dogs. Some dogs have become online celebrities thanks to their heckin’ personalities:

  • Boo the Pomeranian – With 17 million Facebook followers, Boo is dubbed the “world’s cutest dog.” Videos of Boo playfully interacting with his brother Buddy have melted millions of hearts.
  • Doug the Pug – Doug’s squished noggin and bug-eyed expression earned him fame across social media. His silly antics epitomize what makes a pug so heckin’ adorable.
  • Juniper the Fox – Juniper’s fluffy coat and bushy tail look as cuddly as any dog. Her playful personality shines through in videos on her YouTube channel, earning her viral heckin’ fame.
  • Marnie the Shih Tzu – At 19 years old, Marnie has graced the internet with senior heckin’ wisdom. Photos of Marnie looking alert yet adorable in cute outfits show cuteness has no age limit.

How To Capture Peak Hackin’ Cuteness

Want to showcase your own pup as a heckin’ cute doggo? Here’s some tips:

  • Candid shots are best – Catch your dog naturally being cute instead of posing them. You want to capture their true personality.
  • Get on their level – Shoot from their height for a dog’s eye view of the world. Or get down on the floor to capture their face close-up.
  • Fill the frame – Don’t be afraid of close-ups! Filling the shot with your dog’s adorable face ensures maximum heckin’ levels.
  • Add props – Fun toys, cute outfits, or quirky items can accentuate your dog’s heckin’ personality. Just keep it comfortable and safe for them.
  • Patience pays off – Keep your camera ready for spontaneous heckin’ moments of playfulness or silliness that reveal your dog’s true spirit.

Spread The Hackin’ Love

Part of what makes the phrase so endearing is it represents pure, unadulterated affection for dogs. Using “heckin” reminds us to be lighthearted and retain a sense of innocent joy when appreciating our furry friends. Heckin’s dogs serve as a tonic against internet negativity and cynicism.

So next time you encounter a good pupper radiating cheerful vibes, go ahead and shower them with the heckin love they deserve. Just be prepared for happy borks, doggo kisses, and tail wags in return. Who’s a good heckin’ floofer? They are!

Final Words

The term “What The Heckin Dog” allows us to express extra enthusiasm and delight for especially cute, quirky, or fun-loving dogs. While any pup can be heckin in its own way, certain breeds like pugs, corgis, and golden retrievers tend to attract the label frequently. Capturing a dog’s silly antics or happy personality helps showcase their heckin spirit. Heckin’s dogs spread joy across the internet, reminding us to appreciate the unconditional love of our canine companions. So go ahead and share the heckin love for those good boys and girls!

People Also Ask

What does Bork mean in dog?

Bork is a playful term for a dog’s bark, often used humorously to describe canine vocalizations.

What are the dogs slang?

Dog slang includes terms like “pawsome” for something awesome, “barkitect” for a skilled barker, and “puparazzi” for enthusiastic canine photographers.

How do you say hello in dog language?

Dogs greet each other by sniffing, wagging their tails, and sometimes licking. It’s their way of saying “hello” and exchanging information.

How do dogs say friends?

Dogs express friendship through body language, tail wagging, and spending time together. They create bonds by engaging in mutual activities and showing affection.